Excuse Number Six

I need to get fitter first

Reason number 6 why you might not want to train with Team.

Team Training looks like just what I want…

“I will just get a bit fitter first, then I’ll join.”

No. Stop. This is what we do. We get you fit. One thing we have notice whenever we take people on is that on average, we get people to become overall fitter than they ever have working with anyone else. It happens time and time again.

The levels to which we work are controlled but exciting and we are very good at gauging what you are capable of. It’s very common for people to be totally shocked about what they can actually do

One perfect example of this happened just this week when we asked a man to pick up a weight and put it above his head. He failed, immediately blurted out – “No. No way. Not possible. I can’t do that.” and he walked away from the exercise. One or two words from us later, he went on to lift it 60 times during that hour.

Getting fit, unfortunately, has become something that requires knowledge and skills.

It’s largely down to a lot of the big health clubs that direct us to “go on” a machine for 10 minutes and pull or push a leaver 10 or 15 times.

This won’t result in balanced fitness gains because the exercises will repeat themselves too often and they never ask for increases in intensity. Increases in intensity are where your results lie.

I will get you fit. It is what I do. Trust me.