90 Day Health For Life Plan

Begin your life changing habits today.

This 90-day health for life plan will help you to begin transforming your life and planting you firmly on a pathway to a healthy new you.  The personalised plan will give you the tools that you need to kick start transforming your mind and body to become fitter, healthier, stronger and a happier version of you. The plan includes:

  • Simple nutrition plan aimed to reduce sugar and rebalance your tastebuds
  • 3 x Training Plan (1 per month) that can be followed at home or anywhere
  • Text support or face to face support during the 3 months (at additional cost)


We start with a health for life plan questionnaire

This is to give us a clear understanding of where you are at right now.  We need to understand your habits and history and current lifestyle to make sure that we tailor this health for life plan to your needs.  We want to build you a plan that you can stick to and that will give you results.

We conduct a 90-minute face to face planning session (included)

This session is important to talk through your questionnaire and lifestyle.  We will at this session begin to work through some of the key points of your plan and gain any further understanding from you, of blocks that may be stopping you from achieving your health goals.  This session will be structured in 3 parts focusing on mindset, exercise, and nutrition.

We tailor your health for life plan

Following this session, we will finalise your plan. Your plan will be based on the 90-minute session and the original questionnaire and your lifestyle and food habits.  You will receive your plan via email within a few days of the planning session.


Many clients want to go away and work at their own pace in their own home or gym or with their own trainers.   This plan may just be a kickstart to help them make some changes to get out of a rut.

We can offer continual support during the 3-month period either via text or with regular face to face meetings either once per week or once per month.  This continued support is at an additional cost.

There is also an option to have a weekly supervised gym session in the Team Training private gym with other people on this health plan.

If you sign up to this program, we can also help you with a discounted rate for 3 months of our regular group training sessions, or a discounted rate for 3 months of 1-2-1 personal training.

What Paul Says….

“This is not a plan with millions of pretty recipes and Sundays spent preparing food into Tupperware boxes.  This plan is aimed to be simple to fit around busy lifestyles and to educate you in how to lose fat and enjoy exercise.  If you master this, then living a long and healthy life becomes very easy.”

Paul Connor, Team Training UK