Paul Connor.

As a lifelong athlete and fan of any sport that raises the pulse, Paul is a truly inspirational Health & Fitness Coach who will do everything he can in order to find the physical activities that you enjoy the most. From coaching over 20,000 one to one and group hours he realises that the biggest success comes from finding activities we enjoy because that is where the greatest chance of adherence and commitment to fitness lies.

20,000 +

coached hours

30 years

coaching experience

With Paul you will find someone that knows how results in health & fitness are actually achieved; someone who has spent years watching and learning how the small details of your life have such a significant impact on whether you achieve a great outcome or not.

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Time is a luxury we are not all afforded and Paul’s methods of physical training have evolved through the years to a place where he knows how to maximise time spent exercising to achieve the biggest total body energy expenditure. Together with an in depth understanding of nutrition and the importance of quality sleep and stress management, he is somebody that has a deep knowledge of how a human being works optimally.