The classes on offer are aimed at giving members the opportunity to look after their bodies to the highest level.

Cardio classes based around the Concept 2 suite of machines build stamina and cardiovascular fitness, to strengthen the heart, improve lung capacity, and boost mental health, whilst reducing the risk of several diseases and helping with weight loss.

We use Concept 2 rowers, Ski ergs and Concept 2 bikes and their unrivalled data functionality to track clients progression, as well as medicine balls and sandbags for a bit more fun….and we promise there is lots of variation to keep you interested in the long term.

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Weights and resistance classes are essential for maintaining healthy ageing and stronger bones as well as giving a real boost to brain function. Team training members are not just successful in the gym, the increase in cognitive function means they are smashing it at work too.

More muscle mass improves metabolic and vascular health, with studies showing that as little as one hour of strength training per week improves heart health and has significant effects on blood pressure and inflammation and can really help ladies through the menopause.

Bigger muscles mean that you are burning more calories even when you are sat at your desk, so for us weight training is a non negotiable part of a long term health plan.