Excuse Number Seven

I need to lose weight first

The Seventh reason for putting of joining Team Training.

I’m still overweight:

“I need to lose some weight first before I can join”

This is of course very much the same as wanting to get fit before joining. How are you going to lose weight? Generally speaking you’re going to move a bit more and eat a bit less garbage.

As most of us all too well know though, that isn’t as easy as it sounds. A possible reason you struggle to move a bit more is that your choices of exercise are boring as hell – once again the example of “going on” the cross trainer for 15 minutes springs to mind

Being in the Team will help you with this problem as we all do the same thing together and share the struggle.

The group is very good at supporting you when the hard times are around.

You want to give in to eat pizza and start again Monday?

You’ll get words of encouragement and tasks to show up to training so you don’t go off the rails.

Each little challenge is a battle but each small victory you make adds to the overall big goal. You’ll find it a lot easier with the support of others and we have support in bucket loads!