Excuse Number Five

I’m Not Ready To Start Just Yet

The fifth reason that why you might not want to train with us.

Procrastination – I’m very busy at the moment:

“I just need to get this work/holiday/house move etc out of the way first…”

This reason is very common amongst busy people. If you find yourself regularly thinking like this, you will always have something to finish first. It is the nature of who you are. Constantly moving from one project to the next. It’s a good thing. Keep going as it shows you like to progress and achieve.

If however, you are unfit, overweight, lonely, or unsatisfied with the way your life is then it will continue to be this way and get worse unless you do something about it

Movement and fitness needs to be incorporated into your life regularly forever and not just for 12 weeks regardless of how busy you are.

If you achieve a certain level or look within a short time you won’t keep it, you will lose it as quick as you made gains if you stop so incorporating into your life for the long term is what is needed.

The longer you leave committing to make a change, the tougher it will get.