Finally the spring has come and there is something in the air that feels rather good…..The local mood is one of optimism and new beginnings.  COVID seems to be over and normality seems to be back within reach.

We are booking holidays again!

Holidays are finally back on the agenda and we are grabbing them quick before someone or something else comes along and grabs them back.

This of course brings our personal panic of what we are going to wear and is our pre COVID holiday wardrobe is going to fit?

One of the things that has always kept people on the straight and narrow health wise is the need to get into beachwear each year. With two years of lockdown takeaways, and bikinis and swim shorts hiding in the back of the drawer though, it has been easy to let things slip.

So maybe as the spring sunshine hits your face this year, you know you have the biggest holiday body challenge you may have ever faced in your life: but please know you are not alone.


Most people are in the same boat. No one is blaming or judging. It’s been a tough couple of years.   But you deserve an amazing holiday feeling fantastic about yourself so let us help you.

We know it’s not easy.

It’s not easy to make changes when you haven’t been putting your health first for a while. It is not easy to introduce something into your life that becomes a new way of life or habit – especially if you have historically hated exercise or are feeling particularly negative towards yourself.

However what you finally have now is a holiday date.  A wonderful visual of yourself drinking cocktails on the beach, or pottering around a warm city taking in the wonderful sights. Magically your motivation is going to kick back in and we will be right here to help focus your efforts and get you back to being YOU.

Let Us Help You…

So take a simple step and get in touch and come in for a coffee? Talking through your wants, your hopes and your needs can be that first simple step to starting to make those much needed changes.

Every day we run “better call Paul” sessions for this very reason. Private Personal training or hanging out with others who are also getting holiday ready in Team Training, can be great ways to kick start your health journey, but may not be what is best for you.

Chatting though your blocks to health with a private coach though, can help you learn simple ideas to implement immediate changes that can give rapid results or even just point you in the right direction to give you the motivation to make a start on your own, and all in time for your holidays.

For more information and a chat – call or text Paul on 07833 564139

Text to book a FREE better call Paul 30 mins chat

Text to book a private 90 minute health coach session


Ask for more information about a private 90 minute health coach session with Paul or Catherine. During this session we will formulate a plan with achievable goals to help to get you on the road to great health. You will leave this session with a nutrition plan and an exercise plan, as well as 3 months of short, medium and long term goals to help you to begin taking back control of your health. This session can take place online or in person. Stick to this plan and you can be feeling back to brilliant for the summer.

Call or text Paul on 07833 564139  or Catherine on 07775998053 to get started or have a chat or Email


If you are not feeling great about yourself at the moment than this might just be exactly the way to make yourself feel so much better.  Work out with your experienced male or female trainer in the Team Training private gym studio.  There will only be you and your trainer present during the session. You will have access to all of the equipment with no need to worry about what other people think.  This is your time and your private space to put yourself and your health first.

Call or text Paul on 07833 564139  or Catherine on 07775998053 to get started or have a chat or Email team@teamtraining


If you are already fit and looking to challenge yourself, or take your existing physique to the next honed and toned level, then training with other people is the sure fire way to get the body and fitness that you have been striving for. Don’t be intimidated by this class.  Everyone started just the same as you.  They just stuck with high level training 3- 4 times a week hanging out with like minded people. Be Bold and be Brave and we will help you to be Brilliant.

Call or text Paul on 07833 564139  or Catherine on 07775998053 to get started or have a chat or Email team@teamtraining