So, I walked out of my Tuesday team personal training session this week feeling particularly amazing.  Is it because I have lost weight – not in the slightest.  I felt amazing because I knew how much I have progressed in my fitness in the last 3 weeks.  It made me feel happy.  I have pushed myself, committed to training on the rowing machine by entering a 4-week competition, and been consistent.  How do I know I am fitter?  Because I can track my numbers on the concept2 machine, and each time I train I try to push myself a little bit more and get faster than when I did a similar session a few days or weeks ago.  Alongside my fitness though, it is my self-belief that is growing and reminding me that my only real block is my often very negative self.

Personal Training Sessions

So, this made me think about personal training sessions in general. If you are paying £40 for one session per week, then I don’t suppose you would be that happy if your trainer put you on the rowing machine, or the bike or ski erg every week for 6 – 8 weeks and gave you similar but slightly different sessions.  You would progress, but I think if that was your one session each week, and that is all you did with your trainer, you would probably get bored. But, if you do only do one session per week, with a ten-minute warm up and some stretches at the end, how on earth do you progress in that 45 minute and does your trainer even measure your progression?

Of course, there are many reasons that you might go to see a personal trainer or fitness coach.  It might be that you view this person as a mate, or a friend and you have great banter for that hour each week.  It may be that spending this hour gives you a boost and lifts your mood and helps you relax, unwind or escape.  In which case you are achieving from this session, what you want to achieve and fulfilling your needs.  It may be that your personal trainer is your life coach or counsellor, and by spending this time with them it helps you to progress outside of the gym in business or just keeps you sane.  Maybe your trainer gives you the attention that you need and the strokes and feels that are lacking at home, maybe this hour a week just makes you feel good about yourself.

However, if the reason that you spend £160 per month is to get fitter and healthier and lose weight and this is not measurable, or you are not achieving, then maybe it’s time to question if this expensive one session per week is going to fulfil your health & fitness goals?

If you can’t measure it – You can’t manage it

One of the reasons we can track and measure and repeat and achieve at team training, is that you have 6 days a week of training sessions to choose from for your £40 per week.  We can always do exceptional cardiovascular training on a Tuesday because we do exceptional strength training and crossfit style training on the other days of the week.  Our members never get bored because they are progressing, measuring and cross training up to 6 times per week if they chose to, for the same price as one personal training session per week.  Imagine how much fitter you would be if you could afford personal training every day.  With Team training you can, and our members do, and they are the fittest gym goers around.

So where is the proof?  Well, because we have such great concept2 machines you are encouraged to finish sessions and always photograph your results. When you come in a week later to the engine day session you will be asked to find your last week’s times and make your own decisions (with expert guidance and some gentle challenges), as to how much you want to push yourself to progress from the last session. Sometimes a member can come in and not be in the mood to go crazy – that is fine they can turn up and sit on a bike and just be with the gang if that where their head is at that day.

I love to count – Number are powerful

A funny thing usually happens where numbers are involved, and you have marginal gains that can be made if you just push yourself a little bit more out of where you were safely sat in your comfort zone.  When you are sat on your machine, with your numbers and it is your decision as to how hard you want to try in the session – you usually push yourself to a place you didn’t know you could go.  Imagine doing this week after week.  Imagine what this does for your mindset in all aspects of life.  When your body achieves things that you didn’t think your body was capable of, there is a mental self-esteem and confidence that also grows and helps you to believe that all sorts of things in other areas of life are now possible.

Progression happens every week at team training because most members embrace getting stuck in and trying to make as many gym and online sessions each week as they can.  Training at home members are taught to use kettlebells and sandbags to create but very effective sandbag and kettlebell workout. innovative If you are training at a quality personal training level 3 – 4 times per week you will achieve more than you thought you were capable of.  Weight loss and fat loss will be by-products of a happy and healthy new lifestyle, where you hang out with people who are of your mindset and on your journey.  Heck – you will also no doubt enter some sort of competition and be part of a wonderful group of back slapping supportive individuals, who love that you are having a go and getting involved rather than judging you on your results.

Emerging like a butterfly

One of our members lost 1.5 stones last year.  She absolutely looks incredible, but to us she has become so much more.  To us, she has become an athlete. She is currently coming 3rd in the world in a competition where she has excelled and exceeded expectations, through pushing herself to levels we did not know that she had. What she has achieved so far is exceptional – however what inspires us as a team is her effort, drive, determination, and continual belief that she can do more.  Indeed, in this group we are blessed to be surrounded by this kind of resilience and tenacity in members, which can’t help but drive us all, and make us all want to work harder and be the best that we can be.

So, if you have £160 per month to spend and you want to achieve fat loss, fitness, health longevity, make friendships, become an athlete, find happiness, grow self-esteem and confidence, and generally make sure you are living your best life, then our TEAM are here to help you believe.

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