Excuse Number One

Team Training is Too Expensive

Of course we believe our fitness sessions are amazing and we think they’re equal to and above some of the best out there. Maybe you do too so there might be reasons you’re not joining in. We have tried to answer some of the reasons why people may not come to see us and we will post them until we can think of no more.

Team Training is Too Expensive:

We love this one. There are deals to be had but the standard price is £160 per month to work out with us up to 25 times per month. 25 times is far too many but you can do that if you want.

The biggest reason we blame price as a stumbling block for a gym memberships is due to the fact 80% of gym members fail to see results. Why then, would we spend money on something that isn’t going to work when we can get something that equally won’t work for less money i.e:

  • A gym membership for £23
  • A quick fix fasting diet

If we are going to waste money we will waste what we can comfortably afford to waste without it impacting our lives. £23 per month is the kind of money most of us can chuck away without it stopping us from altering our lifestyle in any way.

Plus, by seeing a direct debit leave for a gym every month, we believe we are taking care of ourselves even if we don’t attend.

Here is the Idea with Team Training…..

You show up, receive excellent coaching and achieve results! The most honest and fair advice I can give you is to not join us if you don’t want to change. If you joined and didn’t want to change it would be too expensive.

If you do want to change for the better though, then it becomes extremely affordable and great value. Training with a PT 25 times per month will cost you at least £750 per month and our Team sessions are BETTER than working one to one.

Plus – you pay for it with the money you save on avoiding what’s currently holding you back e.g. too much booze, takeaways, cigarettes, shopping for clothes, whatever!

You may even find yourself with more money come the end of the month!