These days we live in a commercial society where we tend to wear our success on our sleeve. Status symbols like Range Rovers and Rolex watches, holiday homes and private school educations become the focus and the rewards of hard graft, self belief and often courageous risk taking. It can be very easy to forget about prioritising health where business and family commitments always need to come first. Business and making money can be addictive and the rewards even better. Expensive meals, business class flights and holidays, fast cars and stunning homes mean that life might feel amazing, even though your health and longevity is a ticking time bomb that is easy to keep ignoring.

Are you heading for a gold plated coffin?

Cardiovascular disease is the most preventable cause of death in the UK, and yet it is one of the biggest killers and costs the country over 18 billion pounds to treat. The causes of cardiovascular disease are:

High blood pressure

High alcohol consumption or smoking

High cholesterol



Being overweight or obese

If your lifestyle involves no exercise, eating out and drinking several times a week, takeaways, sitting at a desk and a stressful job, you are an early death waiting to happen. If you are killing it in the business world and making more money that you ever thought, then your funeral is going to be a pretty impressive day out for those you leave behind.

You are highly intelligent and successful….

So the truth is you are highly intelligent and successful. You already know that if you keep going the way you are now your health is going to be a big issue. You know your focus now is making money, getting enough in the pot for that golden retirement, and as soon as you have enough, you know you are definitely going to focus on your health. But what if you don’t make it? What if by the time you have enough money in the pot the health issues are already there? The lack of bone density or muscle mass already taking its toll on your movement and quality of life. What if your body doesn’t have the capacity to sort your health out when the times comes because you spent another 10 years abusing it?

Rich old persons singles holidays….

You need to take simple actions now and make an achievable commitment to nutrition and exercise on a daily basis for the rest of your life. You need to take action and prioritise your step by step plan above all else, because you want to see your children get married and meet your grandchildren. You want to travel the world with your partner, rather that leaving them searching for rich old persons singles holidays, or just sitting in your massive mansion mourning alone.

If you need some help…..

It’s not easy to make changes that are going to stick in the long term. It is not easy to introduce something into your life that becomes a new way of life or habit – especially if you have historically hated exercise. However just like making enough money to retire by the time you are 60….it has to be done. Looking after your health to make sure you enjoy your retirement, and that you are there to keep your partner company and fulfill all the things you may have dreamed of, is a non-negotiable. The sooner you start the easier it is going to be because right now……the damage you have done is reversible. Leave it another 10 years and the climb out of the self inflicted hole is going to be a heck of a lot more daunting and probably not even possible.

Reversing type 2 diabetes is a heck of a lot more difficult than avoiding it….

So take a simple step and get in touch and come in for a coffee? Talking through your worries, your hopes and your needs can be that first simple step to starting to make lifelong changes.  

Every day we run “better call Paul” sessions for this very reason. Private Personal training or hanging out with other professionals who have cracked the work health conundrum in Team Training, can be great ways to kick start your health journey, but may not be what is best for you. 

Chatting though your blocks to health with a private coach though, can help you learn simple ideas to implement immediate changes that can give rapid results, or even just point you in the right direction to give you the motivation to make a start on your own.

Call Paul for some more information:

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3 Month Health Plan – £100

Ask for more information about a private 90 minute health coach session with Paul or Catherine. During this session we will formulate a plan with achievable goals to help to get you on the road to great health. You will leave this session with a nutrition plan and an exercise plan, as well as 3 months of short, medium and long term goals to help you to begin taking back control of your health. This session can take place online or in person. Stick to this plan and you can be feeling back to brilliant for the summer. Find out more about the 90 day Health for Life plan

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If you are not feeling great about yourself at the moment than this might just be exactly the way to make yourself feel so much better.  Work out with your experienced male or female trainer in the Team Training private gym studio.  There will only be you and your trainer present during the session. You will have access to all of the equipment with no need to worry about what other people think.  This is your time and your private space to put yourself and your health first.

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