Excuse Number Four

I would not attend enough sessions to get value

A Fourth reason why you might not want to join the Team Training group is.

I would not be able to attend every day:

“I wouldn’t attend all the sessions so wouldn’t get value.”

Attending all the gym sessions would be too much stress. You’re not supposed to attend all sessions, plus we encourage you to do other things outside of the gym too like participate in sport or ruck with us at the weekend.

It’s advisable to hit 3 sessions per week. 4 is perfect. 5 is probably too much unless you’ve really got hold of your routine. You aren’t supposed to go from zero to full gas. Team is about integrating healthy movement into your life. If you try to go full pace you will likely only last a certain amount of time before the stress gets too much and you stop completely.

I have years of witnessing this happen on many occasions so relax and have patience. All will be fine if you gradually alter your lifestyle.

Try to not think of every time you miss a session you are losing money. Think more that you are part of a Team and every day whether you work or you recover, you are contributing to your overall long term health and fitness by being part of something bigger.